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Clocks are like any other mechanical device,  it needs periodic service and eventually the movement needs to be cleaned i.e overhauled.

The rule of thumb is that clocks which are driven by mainspring should be oiled and serviced every five years. This consists of oiling the running surfaces and minor adjustments.

Weight driven clocks should have the general maintenance every three years. Oil which can performed miracles is not a miracle and eventually your movement will need to have a full restoration.

​Average time for this service is between 25 - 30 years.

Clock Repair And Restoration in Scottsdale

Service calls are available on most clocks. Most of the time these are for Hall clocks or large wall clocks. Please call for information and prices.

Estimates are free.

Overhaul ( overused term cleaning ) is complete dissembling of the movement running it thru a ultrasonic cleaner, repair, replace bushings where necessary resemble and timed out.

​Overhaul comes with warranty